Strict S.O.P guidelines are followed with the preparation and application method for your New Look concrete stain project. This includes 2 trips to your project and a step by step clean and stain process.

The entire concrete surface will be extensively power washed and cleaned using a large industrial pressure washer with custom attachments to remove all accumulated dirt , and surface contaminants on the concrete. The concrete will then be etched with a “Green Etch” product and power washed again. After a 30 minute damp drying period we will start the New Look application process.

After the 30 minute damp drying period the surface will be ready for the New Look stain application. The concrete surface must still be damp to properly accept the New Look stain product. Our service includes your application to be done with a roll and brush application method. We will neatly apply two liberal coats of New Look stain to the concrete surface with sufficient drying time in between coats. After the second coat application is complete, we will leave the property returning 24-48 hours later to apply the final clear top coat to the project to lock in your New Look color and properly protect it from the elements. You may return to service in one day.

Guarantee- We provide a 6 month guarantee with the color application of your New Look product
against any peeling, flaking, or pre-mature wear off of stain color from your concrete surface project.

After your New Look Project is complete we recommend that all pet and human foot traffic remain off your newly stained surface for at least 24 hours. We also recommend a full 24 hours before putting any patio furniture , grills, or vehicle traffic back onto your newly sealed surface. This allows for proper cure time.

We always recommend a comprehensive maintenance plan to reseal your New Look surface every 2 years to keep your investment looking great and in superb condition for years to come. We will mail you a post card as a reminder to put it on your to do list!

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