Indoor Stain Application Procedure

Indoor Stain Application Procedure

Upon arrival to your property we will park our coatings trailer as close to your project entry way as is possible.

Once necessary equipment is unloaded our crew will extensively grind the surface of your concrete to a 60-120 CSP.

When the concrete surface has been properly prepared and profiled with our diamond grinding equipment it will be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed to allow for a proper bond with our stains & Poly Aspartic coating materials.

Any specified cracks (excluding control joints) will be filled at this time before any Poly Aspartic materials are applied.

Once the preparation steps are complete the application of your new floor coating will start. First, 1-2 colored stains of your choice will be sprayed & blended in various patterns to achieve your desired look. This look is totally custom to your floor only and can never be duplicated. Every concrete stain project is its own custom work of art.

Once the stain is dry in about 10 minutes the first layer of a clear Poly Aspartic material is applied followed 2-3 hours later by the second Poly Aspartic clear top layer. Application of Poly Aspartic clear coat is done by roller and brush method. This method insures superior neatness and beautiful appearance of the finished product.

The entire work area around your job is properly cleaned, a ribbon is put across the entrance, and the job is complete.

Upon your approval the invoice will be given to you and payment in full can be provided to the crew foreman.

We recommend 1 day to walk and 2 days for furniture on your new surface.

The 3 layer system comes with a 10 year warranty against peeling, flaking, or delamination from concrete surface. If this occurs within the warranty period we will return to fix those areas free of charge. This warranty does not cover natural concrete movement including but not limited to the following: control joint cracking, edge cracking, concrete surface cracking due to slab movement. Excessive intentional abuse of Poly Aspartic coating will void any and all warranties.