The following is an example of the basic services provided in our pavement sealcoating systems. We provide our clients a plan which gives them the option to choose the services which best fits their timeline, budget and overall pavement condition. Site specific sealcoating system specifications will be included in your proposal packet and discussed during your on-site pavement evaluation with a managing member of your facilities staff.

Your parking lot, upon our arrival, will be sectioned, and blocked off, using safety cones, and ribbon provided by our company.

The edges of your pavement surface will be power trimmed of all overhanging grass and weeds.

The entire pavement surface will first be extensively cleaned and blown off, using steel wire brooms and large industrial push blowers to remove all dirt, dust, stone and miscellaneous debris. If additional cleaning is needed, lot sweeping vehicles will be noted in your proposal (additional charges may apply).

Any visible oil or other petroleum marks on the pavement surface will be heat flashed to remove all surface solvents from the asphalt. One coat of oil spot primer will be applied to insure a strong cohesive bond between the marked areas and the newly applied pavement sealer. Heavily saturated areas of the pavement surface will not be guaranteed.

Cracks 1/2 inch or larger (excluding parking lot edges) will be cleaned of all dirt and debris (heat lanced if specified on your proposal) and filled using the most highly advanced rubberized hot crack sealant available. After hot sealant is applied a coating of Black Beauty sand will be applied to promote proper adhesion to the seal coating material.

Once the above steps are completed, we can start the sealcoating process. First, one liberal hand edged coating of sealer is applied to all pavement edges near buildings, sidewalks, curbing, etc. Next, we will begin seal coating the entire parking lot with a specific number of coats (as defined in your proposal) using state of the art application equipment which may include high pressure hand spray wands, vehicle mounted spray bar systems or squeegee machine (unless brush application is specified).

Barricades, safety cones and/or ribbon will then be put in place for a minimum of 24 hours. Re-striping of the parking lot will be completed once the lot is dry. After 24 hours traffic can be re-introduced onto the lot area.

Finished Product

All of our sealcoating is done using premium grade custom blended exclusive polymer modified pavement sealer, the best most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly sealer available today. Our sealer is also fortified with approx. four pounds of silica sand per gallon for traction and skid resistance, as well as a rubberized polymer epoxy latex agent (approx 4%) that aids in the flexibility of the material, as well as sand suspension, and giving the sealer its rich black color upon drying. Additional fast dry materials are also added in most cases to help re-introduce vehicle traffic faster.

All materials used by our company meet every federal and state specification for use in our line of work. MSDS sheets available upon request.

Our goal to you, the customer, is to complete your job safely, neatly, and efficiently, while disturbing your everyday business as little as possible. If you have any additional questions, or concerns, please feel free to call one of our management staff at our office for assistance at any time.